5 features of iPad in iOS 12

5 features of iPad in iOS 12

Outside of the main features of iOS 12 appearing on all devices with iOS, when the update will be released this fall, Aypad gets a few new features.

While the lack of major improvements to the performance of Aipad can be disappointing, you are still getting a new screen time tool Apple, improved notifications, FaceTime group chat rooms and Siri improvements are just some of them.

Future iPhone can get support for two SIM cards

Beyond the basic features of iOS 12, below are five features specific to the iPod, which you will see as soon as iOS 12 is officially released this fall. It should be borne in mind that iOS 12 is currently in the beta version and is not completed. Features can be changed by the time of the official release.

The status bar gets a new look.

The status bar, which shows items such as time, Wi-Fi indicator, battery level, etc., has been redone. On the unlocked Aipad, you will now see the date and time on the left side of the status line. On the right side: Wi-Fi, “Do Not Disturb” indicator, battery charge and a cellular signal.

The multitasking screen looks different, but it works the same way.

There is not much new here. You are still using the same Svayp from the bottom of the screen to display the Application Dock, and the longer Svayp opens the multitasking view. The biggest change is the absence of a Control Center in a multitasking view.

The new location of the Control Center.

The disappearance of the Control Center in a multitask view occurred because the Control Center now behaves exactly like on the iPhone X. This means that you have to slide your finger down from the upper right corner of the screen to access it.

Appendix voice notes.

Apple has added its Voice Memos application to iPad with iOS 12. The application itself has many features, such as the ability to crop, replace audio, return the original clip and sync through Iclaud between your iOS devices and the Mac computer.

Exchange application.

Also on the Ipad is added a stock application Apple – Stocks. This app on Aipad is redesigned to contain news and information about the companies you are following. The news shown in the Stocks application is kindly provided by the News app, of course.

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