Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Price In Pakistan

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Price In Pakistan

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Price in Pakistan is ~Rs. 140,000(Expected).

Brief information

Number of cores


The number of cores in the phone, as in the computer, affects the number of tasks performed by the gadget at the same time. Hence the conclusion that the more of them, the more tasks your phone can accomplish in a fraction of a second, The number of cores allows a smartphone to do all the same work that a computer does.

Display type

6.44 “(16.36 cm)

The screen size today is not a big feature of every smartphone, as most manufacturers try to make it larger and more functional, so there isn’t much difference among the sizes, such as in the resolution of screens.


64 GB

The hard disk on the smartphone, as well as on the personal computer, performs the same function of storing information, it is often called the SSD We can expend it by using memory card.


16 MP

The camera is one of the most important parts of a smartphone for mostly users, The has many features like image stabilization and post-processing of images.


3700 mAh

A battery is an integral part of every device, without battery smartphone will not work. Battery capacity, in simple terms, is the ability of a battery to receive, store and transmit DC electric current. The battery is measured, as a rule, in milliamperes per hour, respectively, the more, the better.



6 GB

The RAM in the computer and in the phone is the capacity to store non-permanent information and tasks necessary for the software, which is exchanged in the phone at very high speed. Without RAM, no device can fully function.


The chipset in mobile devices, in principle, as in computers, is called a bunch of chips, which contribute together to the full operation of the smartphone, exchanging information and various data, creating full functionality. In most phones, these chips are two, on the left and right side.


Mali-g72 to MP18

The word graphics on the electronic personal device speaks for itself. This is what image capabilities your phone can give you, starting from the brightness of the picture and ending with various visual effects. With good graphics, you have many possibilities of using various applications.


Eight-core processor (2.7 GHz, quad, m2 Mongoose 1.7 GHz, quad, Cortex A53)

The processor in the phone is the most important part which is responsible for all mathematical processes in your device.



Architecture is what first of all should be learned about the purpose of the processor. The architecture is a set of necessary parts of the processor itself and is, if I may say so, the most basic and important technical part of the phone.

Special features

Light sensor


Samsung galaxy s10 has a lot of functions, and such an opportunity as adjusting the brightness of the screen, this is not new for a long time. Thanks to the light sensor, your phone itself can adjust the brightness of the screen based on the ambient light, which in turn helps save battery power

Proximity sensor


During call proximity sensor turning off the screen so that you can not accidentally press the buttons.



The accelerometer is called quite a convenient feature, both mobile phones, and tablets. An accelerometer allows us to watch movies in full screen, play games, view photos and much more, turning the screen of the smartphone 90 degrees, thereby giving greater resolution to view



The presence of a compass is unlikely to help much in our time, but in some situations, the presence of such a function can be quite useful.

Main characteristics

Fingerprint sensor


The fingerprint sensor is a new technology that very quickly found recognition among consumers. This feature has opened up new possibilities for protecting our personal gadgets. In addition to the password, you can register your fingerprints, and no one except you can unlock the phone.

operating system

Android V8.0 (Oreo)

The operating system in mobile devices, like personal computers, is the platform on which, directly, the device itself operates.

SIM connectors

Dual SIM, GSM Standard

SIM connectors are a very important part of the phone because they read data from the SIM card and give you the opportunity to communicate with the outside world.

Start date of sales

November 20, 2018, (Unofficial)

The date of the start of sales in Pakistan is the direct receipt of the mobile device in the stores, that is, the day when you can buy it. Do not confuse the day of the start of sales with the date of the presentation of the new model by the company, since in most countries gadgets start selling much later than this event.


4g: yes 3G networks: available, 2G: available

The network has always been the most important part of any phone because without it, it simply would simply lose its objective functions. And with the advent of the Internet, the network has become even more important, and the speed of the Internet now directly depends on the capabilities of the telephone network. There are several types of networks: 2g, 3g, 4g, and as you could understand, the best of them is 4g.


Fast charge

Fast yes

Fast charging is the ability of a mobile device to recharge a battery in a relatively short time. Most modern phones have a large number of batteries, which can quickly receive alternating current, so you can charge your devices in a matter of hours.

Type of


Battery type is an important aspect when it comes to the amount of charge and the transfer rate of AC. There are various types of batteries, such as lithium or nickel. In the name of each battery, the first two letters indicate the name of the cell, for example, Li-ion means that the battery is lithium-ion.


3700 mAh

Battery capacity means the amount of energy that it can store and transfer to the device. Battery capacity is measured in miles per hour, and it should be noted that the greater the battery capacity, the longer you can use the phone without recharging.

Wireless charger


Wireless charging is a new technology that has recently appeared in the world of mobile phones. The presence of this technology in a mobile device speaks of its ability to charge wirelessly using a special docking station, to which it simply needs to be put on top.

Network connection

SIM format

With sim1: Nano, SIM2: Nano (hybrid)

Now many manufacturers of mobile devices using different formats of SIM-cards, apparently to save space. As well as among flash cards there are usual standard sizes and micro, and among SIM cards there are usual SIM, Mini SIM, Micro SIM and Nano SIM.


Yes Wi-Fi standard 802.11, b / g / N / N and 5 GHz

Wi-Fi is, of course, the golden feature of our time, which allows us to use the Internet almost wherever we want. And like all functions, the Wi-Fi sensor in a smartphone also has its own characteristics, which determine its power and data transfer speed. The power of this function is calculated in gigahertz.

Wi-Fi Features

Mobile Access Point

Many mobile devices have features using Wi-Fi. For example, thanks to a mobile access point, you can use your smartphone as a Wi-Fi router, that is, you can distribute the Internet to other devices in the pairing area, the main requirement is that your phone should catch its personal network well.

Bluetooth function

Yes v5.0

The Bluetooth function is an integral part of each gadget, allowing you to transfer data without using a wire. Depending on the Bluetooth standard, you can exchange any files much faster without interrupting the connection; the latest standard is version 5.0.

Voice communication via LTE


Now, many modern instant messengers provide services not only for messaging, but also for audio calls, one of these is Viber, and the connection with subscribers is not via the mobile network, but via LTE. This consumes traffic, but saves money on communication.

Usb type-c

Yes (does not support micro USB)

This name suggests a cable format that supports a particular mobile phone. There are several standards, such as micro usb, usb type-a, usb type-b, and the universal new cable standard used by most usb type-c phones.

NFC (Bluetooth talk)


The NFC system is very similar to the usual work of Bluetooth, in fact, it works through it. This feature allows you to connect two phones without using a network, that is, simply put, it allows you to exchange radio signals via Bluetooth, allowing you to make calls from a short distance.

Supported Networks

4g (Indian group support), 3G, 2G

From the supported network of your mobile device depends on how fast the data exchange of your phone and the Internet will be. Since today, the Internet is an integral part of our life, you should choose a smartphone that supports 4G network.


Yes, with A-GPS, GLONASS

GPS is a function that allows you to determine the location of your mobile device via satellite, with the translation means a global positioning system. Russia has its own standard, called the Glonass system, which can function only on the territory of the Russian Federation; therefore, these factors should be taken into account when purchasing.


4G in the ranges: LTE 2300 TD networks (group 40) FD-LTE at 1800 (band 3) 3G bands: UMTs 1900/2100/850/900 MHz2G groups: GSM 1800/1900 / 850/900 MHz and GPRS: available to the edge :in stock

Many mobile phones have the function of supporting several SIM-cards at the same time, therefore you should take into account the characteristics of all the SIM-cards of your smartphone. SIM 1 is the main SIM card in your phone, and its characteristics will often be distinguished from non-essential ones.

USB support

Storage device, USB charging

USB support, translating into Russian, is the presence on the mobile phone of the connector for the USB adapter. This wire is designed to connect and exchange data of your smartphone with a personal computer and other devices that support USB.


4G in the ranges: LTE 2300 TD networks (group 40) FD-LTE at 1800 (band 3) 3G bands: UMTS 1900/2100 / 850/900 MHz 2G network networks: GSM 1800/1900/850/900 MHz and GPRS: available edge: in stock

SIM 2 is the ability of a mobile phone to work with two SIM cards. This is a very convenient technology that allows you to use two different accounts in one phone. Roughly speaking, you have two phones in one, it will greatly simplify life, for those who are constantly in work and have several mobile numbers.




The speaker is something that practically every modern device has, this is the thing that helps your mobile device, TV or personal computer play the sound, roughly speaking, it creates oscillation of molecules in the air, thereby playing music.

Audio input

3.5 mm

Audio input implies a connector in a mobile device for connecting headphones or speakers to it. This connector is standardized worldwide and is 3.5 mm in diameter, so do not worry about what kind of headphones may not fit this smartphone.


Water resistant

Yes waterproof (up to 30 minutes at a depth of 1.5 meters), a degree of protection ip68

Water resistance is an amazing quality of gadgets, which gave us new technologies. Thanks to its water resistance, you can no longer worry about dropping your device into the water. There are also various levels of water resistance, which is determined by the number of IP, the larger the indicator, the better the protection.



Reliability is one of the main things that most consumers pay attention to first and foremost. The reliability of a mobile phone can be expressed both in technical characteristics, for example, in the resistance of the smartphone to various temperatures, etc., and in dust-proof, which does not allow dust to penetrate into the case, thereby preventing overheating.

Display Characteristics

Display type


The screen size today is not a big feature of every smartphone, as most manufacturers try to make it larger and more functional, so there isn’t much difference among the sizes, such as in the resolution of screens.

Pixel density

511 ppi

Pixel density is almost the same as the screen resolution. This value shows the number of these image units per millimeter or per inch of the area of the entire display, and as you already know, with the increase in pixels per inch, the quality and level of graphics on the smartphone increases.

Screen protection

Gorilla Corning Glass Y5

Screen protection is a fairly new technology, which is a glass screen mobile phone, resistant to scratches and minor damage. An example of such screen protection is Gorilla glass. With such features of the phone, in principle, there is no need to purchase additional protective glass.

Screen size

6.44 inches (16.36 cm)

It is not difficult to guess that the screen size is the area of the entire display of the phone, not the mobile device itself, but the display itself. Most often, this value is calculated in inches and measured on the screen diagonal. On average, a good screen size of a modern phone starts from 5.0 inches.

Screen resolution

1440 x 2960 pixels

The screen resolution is also not unimportant part, because it shows the number of points of the raster image per unit area of the display. These points are also called pixels, and as you rightly noticed, the larger the screen resolution, the brighter and clearer the image on your mobile device.


Internal memory

64 GB

The internal memory, which is also the hard disk of a mobile phone, is the amount of memory available on your gadget. The more gigabytes of memory in the phone, the more information you can store on it. Most manufacturers share volumes of 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB.

Technical Specification - Memory Expansion

Memory expansion

Yes up to 400 GB

Memory expansion is an outdated feature that you can find a little where to find in modern phones. This feature is a separate slot for an additional memory card. Previously, it could be found in every phone, but now manufacturers produce smartphones with fixed memory and without the possibility of its expansion, so you should consider in advance the issue of its volume before buying.

Usb Tips


This name implies a cable format that supports a particular mobile phone. There are several standards, such as micro usb, usb type-a, usb type-b, and a universal new cable standard used by most usb type-c phones.



Exposure compensation, ISO control with

The camera, in most of the new phone models, almost does not lose to real cameras, therefore, like the photo equipment, the phones have various settings, such as exposure settings, which allow you to correct various image errors during photography.

Camera features

Digital zoom, face recognition, Touch focus

Most new generation smartphones have their own features of photography. One of the most common features is focus, which allows you to focus on a specific object by simply tapping on the screen where the object is located.

Picture resolution

4616 x 3464 pixels

The resolution of the picture when taking pictures, as well as the screen resolution, is the same number of raster points, that is, pixels per one part of the screen area, that is, one inch. The higher the resolution of the picture, the better will be your photos on a mobile device.


Yes phase autofocus

Autofocus may be a feature of some mobile devices, but most models are not yet released with this feature, as it is difficult even for some professional cameras. Autofocus allows you to focus on a specific subject without clicking on it on the screen.

Shooting Modes

Continuous shooting mode, high dynamic range (HDR) mode

Shooting mode is also called an additional video feature. Most mobile phones provide various video options, such as continuous video, or high dynamic range mode, which means a larger spectrum of colors perceived by the camera, invulnerability from overexposure, and some other advantages that only professionals can understand.

Technical Specification - Resolution


8-megapixel front camera

The resolution of the camera is its ability to high-quality photography. The resolution level depends on the number of megapixels in the camera of the mobile device. The more megapixels, the clearer and clearer the camera can photograph, capture and display various small or distant objects.

Optical image stabilization


Optical image stabilization ‘=>’ Optical image stabilization is most often used for video shooting. This feature allows you to compensate for the various sharp movements of objects in the frame, thereby improving the quality of the video. This is also a feature not available on all mobile devices.


Yes led flash

The flash is a well-known term that allows us to make complex high-quality images in dark rooms or other problematic conditions. However, it should be remembered that flashes on mobile phones are of different quality, brightness and have different functions, such as autoflash.


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